Practice Schedule 2020

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Practice Schedule 2020

Post by dbickel » Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:18 pm

Below are the current planned practice dates and times for 2020. As more practices get planned they will be added to this list. Practices may be removed if a major event gets planned that day so this list is subject to change.

1/18 - Charlton Church
1/25 - Charlton Church

2/1 - Charlton Church
2/8 - United Church of Christ
2/15 - Charlton Church
2/22 - Charlton Church
2/29 - Charlton Church

3/7 - Charlton Church
3/14 - Charlton Church
3/21 - Charlton Church
3/28 - No Practice (JayCon)

April 4th - Charlton Church
April 11th - Unknown
April 18th - Charlton Church
April 25th - Capital Steps (UCC backup)

May 2nd - Hanwells
May 9th - Charlton Church
May 16th - Charlton Church
May 23rd - Capital Steps (Charlton Church Backup)

June 6th - Charlton Church
June 13th - Charlton Church
June 20th - Charlton Church
June 27th - Capital Steps (Charlton Church Backup)

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Re: Practice Schedule 2020

Post by Mal » Wed Dec 25, 2019 11:23 pm

Thank you Don for getting this put together for us.

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Re: Practice Schedule 2020

Post by BookLizard » Wed Jan 01, 2020 7:37 pm

Posting this on Facebook, too, but I’m bringing sewing materials to practice on 1/18, if anyone has a costume that needs some basic, quick maintenance (attach Velcro here, reinforce a seam there) bring it along and I’ll try to get some repair work done. I know things tend to get some wear and tear as we use them, and not everyone has the means to fix as they go, so this seemed like a decent solution.

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