Rey Costume Standard

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Rey Costume Standard

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Capital City Jedi Knights “Costume Requirements”

Rey Costume Standard

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Undershirt – jersey cotton v-neck with cap sleeves. V-neck is finished off by rolling the fabric to the inside and top stitching. Hem is finished and ends just below the hips. Undershirt should be cream, light tan or sand in color with a slight undertone of grey. Lightest color fabric worn.

Pants – The darkest garment worn. Pants are taupe or light brown with grey undertone. They end just below the knee. The cuff at the bottom is formed by ties that wrap around the pant leg to hold it in place. Base pants suggested are MBJ Womens Knit Capri Culottes in wb876_taupe color.
Trooping standard: Ties lace down leg to boot.

Long cloth wrap – Crinkle gauze material that crosses over chest and goes straight down back. One to two shades darker than the undershirt and has a brown or grey undertone. Ends are on the right side and loops on itself on the left. The pieces crossing the front should cover the shirt except the v-neck. They are secured at the shoulders. Ends are unfinished. Spreads across the back but does not entirely cover the shirt. Loop/ends must be below the pant leg but above the top of the boots in length.

Belt – Dark brown leather or thick leather like material that can support the weight of the bag without sagging. Made from one or two pieces. The top belt is thinner in width than bottom belt, but not more than ½”. They are held by a piece of twine or similar material on left side to form ‘one’ belt. Top belt has a D-ring on the right side. Should sit slightly to the side and behind the front hip bone. Secured on the end with X-stitch, other end loops through the D-ring and weaves in and out of slits in the belt in 2 places. Lower belt fastens the same as upper but end is hidden by the bag.
Bag – Dirty brown canvas bag flip top secured by a strap with a buckle and alice clip. Bag is slightly darker than the pants but lighter than the belt. Bag worn on the lower belt close to the body and on the side towards the back. Costumer may wish to pad the bag and then secure with Velcro to keep from sliding back and forth. Bag should be proportionate to wearer.

Boots – Boots have a medium to light brown sole, lighter than the main boot which is dark brown with a gray undertone. Made of cotton/wool weave. The heel is leather or leather like but has similar brown tone to the shoe. Brown leather or leather like straps, 2 per side, and thick strap runs up the back of the boot. Boot is laced in back by using twine or dark leather through the straps and across the back leather strap. Ends are tucked in so unseen.

Arm Cloth Wraps – Crepe bandage like wraps approximately 2 3/4” in width that wrap around both arms from wrist to mid bicep. They are the same shade as the main wrap or darker (the darkest of all the fabrics aside from the pants). Wraps suggested are Ezy-Aid 7.5cm width crepe bandages.

Arm Bracer – Leather or leather like material wrapping around left arm. Bracer can be made from 2 pieces of material, but laces back on itself to fasten. Same dark brown material as belt, the end that is ‘up’ once on is a shade lighter.

Hair- Hair should be pulled back from the face and done up in three knobs. The biggest is the lowest knob.
Trooping standard: Wisps of hair may be pulled out on either side to frame the face.

Lightsaber - A blue bladed lightsaber, combat approved, is required.
Trooping standard:
While sabers with a proper blade color is accepted, a character specific saber is encouraged.

Standard written by Mark Jones 2/3/18