Old Republic Jedi and Sith

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Old Republic Jedi and Sith

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Capital City Jedi Knights “Costume Requirements”

Old Republic Jedi and Sith

TOR has allowed such a wide variety of costume options for characters - colors, designs and styles - that giving a complete list of 'yes' and 'no' would be almost impossible. Creating a generic standard for this era is likewise a gross generalization and ties your hands. We want them able to be creative in your costume process.
Follow these guidelines when creating TOR characters:

1. It MUST exist in game.
2. Stay within the general color scheme. Reds, blacks and greys you see primarily on Sith; beige, browns and greens are often Jedi colors. A little variation is allowed, but too much and you will be asked to tone it back to the more faction-specific scheme.
3. Armor is allowed, crafted to appear as real through PVC, foam, Sintra, etc.
4. Mixing and matching is okay. For example, you can take a shoulder pad you might see primarily on a Jedi character and put it on a Sith. Costume should still follow standard base of color scheme.
5. Parts specific to characters, such as Revan's mask, Darth Malak's jaw casing or Satele Shan's tunic only be used with that complete character's set. Designs based on them is fine, but replicating a part of it with another costume is not accepted.

Screenshots, web page captures and other resources can provide this for verification. Sites like https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/ is a great resource that shows many combinations of costumes.

THE KEY IS THIS: Communication with the costume judge is the most important thing. Just because it does exist, doesn't mean that it will automatically be allowed in CCJK. There are cutoff shirts, for example, that wouldn't be appropriate and would not tell the audience that you are a Sith/Jedi or even a saber wielder. Sending links and screenshots and talking to your judge will be of the utmost importance to easy approval. But the word of the judge is final.